Modulbox Enclosure for Arduino Embedded Platform

Available from Hitaltech is an increasing range of DIN Rail mounting enclosures to house embedded platforms. Included in this range are enclosures to house the Arduino YUN, UNO and MEGA. These enclosures can be customised to suit specific requirements through a cost effective printing and/or machining service. This allows customers to have the enclosure both branded and modified to suit their application.

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Part No. Photo Description Distributor for a sample Technical Info
25.0406000.YUN 25.0406000.YUN 4M Modulbox for Arduino YUN CPC Logo
25.0612000.YUN 25.0612000.YUN 6M Modulbox for Arduino Yun CPC Logo pdf-icon
33.0412000.YUN 33.0412000.YUN 4M Modulbox Compact Arduino YUN CPC Logo pdf-icon
33.0612000.YUN 33.0606000.YUN 6M Modulbox Compact Arduino YUN CPC Logo pdf-icon
25.041000.UNO Transparent Arduino Uno Development Board Case 4M Modulbox for Arduino UNO RS_Components_logo pdf-icon
25.0810000.MEGA arduino mega 8M Modulbox for Arduino MEGA CPC Logo pdf-icon