Hitaltech’s Conex-it range includes a complete range of PCB mounted Spring Clamp terminal blocks and connectors suitable for varying electronics applications.Logo Conex-it

Available from 2 to 24 ways across a complete range of pitches, the Conex-it range of screwless terminal blocks and connectors suit applications where traditional terminal blocks have been used. Applications for these blocks include; lighting control, HVAC, security and building automation to name a few.

In these applications the tightness of the screw clamping on to the wire is often  dependant on the installer, however Hitaltech’s screwless range remove this need, and the result is therefore a uniform connection across each terminal suited to applications where vibration occurs.

Another obvious benefit is the significant reduction in installation time as well as the possibility to use terminal blocks and connectors on a smaller pitch where space is at a premium.screwless

Produced in UL94-V0 material, the Conex-it range is rated from 2A up to 57A and is available across a range of vertical, horizontal and angled connections.

The majority of the range is made up of modular pieces allowing for up to 24 ways to be produced.

The screwless terminal blocks are available on three different operating mechanisms including push button, lever and push wire.

Where push button and lever mechanisms are used, the pressing action onto the button/lever opens the clamp and the release of pressure will then close it allowing the clamp to grip onto the wire conductor.
The push wire mechanism requires the user to push a screwdriver into the terminal block therefore opening the clamp; the removal of the screwdriver will then close the clamp.screwless-1

All of Hitaltech’s Conex-it range are UL rated and are both RoHS and Reach approved.

Further information is available on our website