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For 35 years, Hitaltech has been creating high-quality connecting technologies and enclosures suitable for electronic and electrical applications. Our vast range of superior products has been designed with our customers in mind. If you are looking for professional connecting technologies and enclosures, you can explore our range here. We have everything from wire-to-board connectors to hand held enclosures.


The Hitaltech team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to find out more about our products, including our connecting technologies and enclosures, get in touch.

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    2605, 2021

    A Guide to Terminal Blocks and Types

    May 26th, 2021|Comments Off on A Guide to Terminal Blocks and Types

    Terminal blocks join or terminate electrical wires. This is a simple but effective way of connecting wires. Other names for terminal blocks are connection terminals, terminal connectors and screw terminals. The applications of terminal blocks [...]

    2504, 2021

    What’s the Difference Between a Terminal and a Connector?

    April 25th, 2021|Comments Off on What’s the Difference Between a Terminal and a Connector?

    In the world of electrical components, there can be some confusion surrounding terminals and connectors. For some people, a terminal and a connector may seem so similar as to be interchangeable. But in fact, there [...]

    2403, 2021

    IP Rated Enclosures Explained

    March 24th, 2021|Comments Off on IP Rated Enclosures Explained

    Enclosures should protect electronic and electrical applications, but you can only guarantee their effectiveness if they are IP rated. Here, we explain what an IP rating is, and how this ensures that the enclosures you [...]