Building Automation

Hitaltech is developing powerful ways to make managing buildings easier:

  • Miniaturisation of wire-to-board terminal blocks and connectors enables complex control and display electronics to be squeezed into smaller packages
  • High power terminal blocks meet the demands of high power interface and energy metering applications
  • Hitaltech’s Conex-It range of screw and screwless type terminal blocks ensures fast, accurate wiring and reliable connections
  • Our RJ and USB style connectors are ideal for building management data and communications applications
  • When you can’t squeeze all the electronics onto one PCB, our range of board-to-board interconnections give you a choice and flexibility in the way you connect multiple PCBs.
  • Hitaltech’s wall mounting plastic enclosures are an attractive way to house thermostats, sensors and controls.
  • House advanced lighting, metering and HVAC applications on our DIN rail mountable enclosures.


Industrial Control

Cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing: as industrial automation and data processing evolve, Hitaltech’s interconnection and enclosure products are evolving too:

  • Miniature board-to-board terminal blocks and connectors for high power and signal applications enable you to pack large volumes of inputs and outputs into a small space
  • Choose high quality rising clamp screw terminal blocks where reliable connections are paramount
  • Screwless terminal blocks and connectors enable fast installation and vibration resistance
  • Choose RJ45 and USB style connectors for data signalling and processing applications
  • House complex industrial automation controls and high density inputs and outputs in a small space with Railbox, Hitaltech’s DIN rail mountable enclosure range
  • Pack more into less with Hitaltech’s board-to-board interconnect products offering reliable connections and vibration resistance.