At Hitaltech, we offer a range of interconnect systems, including Flexible Interconnect and Rigid Interconnect systems.

Flexible Interconnect Sytems

We offer a range of flat flexible cables which can be used in places where electrical connections require a high flexibility and/or printed circuit boards to be connected, that are subject to vibrations. These highly flexible cables can be soldered at each end directly onto the PCB, offering a permanent connection, or they can be supplied with a connector on either end.

Available typically from 2 to 32 poles, these flat flexible cables are available with different insulation materials. Dependant on the application these cables can be supplied in material which can withstand reflow soldering temperatures.

Typical applications include; industrial control systems, energy metering, automotive electronics, white goods and more.

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Rigid Interconnect Systems

Our Conex-It rigid interconnects are typically used where PCBs need to be stacked on top of each other or side by side. With either permanent or plug in connection methods, our rigid range offer a wide variety of available options with various combinations of length, pin pitches, surface mount, through hole, plating types, orientations and number of poles.

Despite the vast range, customisation options mean there’s always a connector for every application. Our Rigid system image below will direct you to our Conex-It dedicated website where you can try out our connector selector to help you find the right product for your application.

To enquire or for any further information, please contact us.