POWER System PCB Power Connectors

POWER JUMPERS are flexible flat conductor connectors, especially for applications with a current rating of 12 amperes.
Solid round conductors ensure fast and secure assembly.
Using round-flat-round technology, the copper conductors are rolled flat to a defined geometry in the insulating area, ensuring the highest standards of vibration and bending resistance.
The smooth notch-free transition from round to flat guarantees fracture-safe connection points.


Pitch : 2.5mm- 7.5mm
No. of Positions Available :2 to 15 (2.5 & 2.54mm pitch), 2 to 8 (3.5 to 7.5mm pitch)
Insulation Material : Polyimide, polyester, PEN & Nomex
Insulation Length : 25mm- 999mm (Special lengths available upon request
– Various terminal styles
– High vibration resistance, break safe, reliable connection guaranteed after millions of folding cycles.
– Savings of labour time and costs for assembling due to extremely easy handling
– Reduce labour time due to to simultaneous soldering of all connection points in the solder bath.
– Conductors rated up to 12A (8A for 2.5 & 2.54mm pitch)

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