Building Automation

At Hitaltech, we provide a range of tailored, connected components for industrial control, energy meeting, HVAC and lighting.

The ‘Internet of Things’ has truly revolutionised building automation. Yet for product developers and manufacturers, these increased capabilities have brought increased expectations, as end-users expect the next generation of products to deliver more than the last.

When your challenge is to pack more features into smaller control units, Hitaltech can help. Our exceptional enclosures, board-to-board interconnect systems and value-added services are sure to make product design and manufacture quick, efficient and successful.


Hitaltech provides a range of high-quality enclosures, including DIN rail, wall and panel mounting enclosures. They are available ‘off the shelf’ or can be customised to meet your specifications, giving you limitless options for housing thermostats, sensors and controls.

Hitaltech’s range of electronics enclosures is tailor-made for HVAC, building automation and energy metering markets. They offer innovative ways to pack more features into smaller housings. You can choose off the shelf enclosures or ask us to customise to your own specifications.

Choose your enclosure for building automation…

Enclosures for Electronics

The Italtronic range includes DIN rail, wall and panel mounting enclosures to suit applications in HVAC, building automation and energy metering.

Enclosures for Embedded Platforms

Developed around the standard Modulbox XTS & Railbox range, these DIN rail mounting enclosures have been modified to allow various embedded platforms such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone & Arduino to be mounted within the enclosure. Ideal for building automation applications in rest homes, hotels, office blocks and other multi-occupancy locations.

Bespoke enclosures

From tailored knock-outs for input and output cable glands to separate wiring compartments, we work with you to create bespoke enclosures developed, moulded, printed for your specific building automation solution.


Ask us to customise or develop an enclosure for you and we’ll subject it to a full range of in-house tests to ensure it can withstand the environment in which you’ll be placing it. Tests include:

  • Climatic chamber
  • Dynamometer for tensile strength test and compression test
  • Shore durometer to test hardness
  • Extrusion plastometer to check the Melt Flow Index of molten polymers

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Board-to-Board Interconnect Systems

Hitaltech provides safe, stable connections in a wide range of configurations, so your product development isn’t compromised by the limits of the cable.

Connectors that support your design ambitions

Space is a constant constraint in developing building automation and industrial control products. Hitaltech connectors are ideal for small spaces and compact components. And because they deliver safe, stable connections in a wide range of configurations in high power and signal applications, your product development isn’t compromised by the limits of the cable.

Made to match your requirements

You pick the pitch, no. of connections and insulation length to suit your application. We provide cables that match your needs precisely. Standard MOQ is approx. 450+ pieces (dependant on requirement).

Choose your cables…

ZIF/LIF – Systems

Highly flexible, flat conductor connectors to be contacted with ZIF connectors. Defined stripping of insulation and a stiffener in the contact area provides safe connection to all conventional connectors. Ideal for installation in small spaces.

SMD System

Specially designed to connect sandwiched PCBs or PCBs positioned at different angles. Offers a variety of possible configurations when designing electronic equipment. Compact size enables production of smaller, more cost effective electronic devices.

CRIMP – System

FIX JUMPERS and FLEX-cables have a detachable connec­tion via foil-crimped contacts and connector housing. Highly configurable and perfect for safe, stable connections on and with PCBs, especially on high volumes.

FLL System

FLL connectors are highly flexible flat conductor connectors. Small pitches and dimensions are ideal for very small spaces. Immediately ready for installation, these FLL cables have high vibration and bend resistance.


A round conductor connecting cable with various termination style options.

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Value Added Services

Hitaltech offers Value Added Services designed to help you refine processes, cut costs, reduce assembly times and develop better-realised products that stand out from the competition. It’s building automation product development without compromise.

We understand that it’s rarely technical capabilities that get in the way of developing the building automation products you want to deliver to market. Instead, tt’s budgets. Time constraints. Process and logistical complications.

That’s why Hitaltech has developed its Value Added Services, services that can help you.

Hitaltech Value Added Services:

  • Develop better-realised products that stand out from the competition
  • Improve product quality
  • Refine processes
  • Reduce assembly times
  • Reduce costs

Hitaltech VAS

Create your own bespoke combination of services that will add value to your product development and delivery. Choose from:

  • Buffer Stock Packages
  • Kitting
  • Machining
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • Mould Tool Modifications
  • Printing
  • Wiring Loom Assembly

At R&D, at assembly, at delivery, let Hitaltech Value Added Services help you create better, simpler, faster building automation products.

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