When Electrica wanted to streamline and standardise its components range, they chose Hitaltech.

“Hitaltech offer an excellent design service that complements our own – there’s nothing they could improve on.”

Andy Nield, Operations Director, Electrica

About Electrica

Electrica is a designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic systems. The scope of service ranges from micro-controllers and monitoring systems to detection kits, control equipment and more.

“Currently we have completed around 1,600 designs for clients,” says Operations Director, Andy Nield. “We design and manage the whole process for the customer, and we work with an eclectic range of clients across multiple sectors, including big car manufacturers, dairy farmers, the amusements sector and biology.

The company is growing fast and now employs 30 people across engineering and manufacturing disciplines.

Single source connectors

Andy admits that, at one point, Electrica had “many, many suppliers of connectors”, but dealing with so many meant things were becoming complicated. They needed to standardise with one supplier, but which one?

“We’ve known Hitaltech for many years,” says Andy. “They know our business. They’re able to offer design and technical support. They know our design profile and are able to assist us in development.

They hold stock for us too, which has made us more effective because it means we’re not hunting continually for different suppliers. Working with Hitaltech gives our design guys access to a broad range of mainly board-to-board connectors which covers about 90% of our needs.”

Working with Hitaltech

Electrica made the decision to switch solely to Hitaltech around four years ago. Andy remains confident the decision was a wise one. “There are tens of thousands of parts and thousands of potential suppliers,” he says, “but we value the fact that they provide a great service – and make our lives a lot easier.

“For example, we needed a 10-way connector, and they only had 11-way ones. So they modified them for us. That’s not the sort of service that most suppliers would give – and I’m certain it’s a far better service than the multinationals.

“Hitaltech listen to us and are interested in what we’re designing. They profile the components that we’re designing into the electronics, and ensure they carry stock for when we’re ready to go into production. And because they’re based in the North West, if we have an unusual requirement or stock shortages, they are always happy to help us out fast.

Design is the difference

What would Andy say to other companies looking for a supplier of connectors? “Our focus is on design – if we do that and get that right, then the manufacturing contract will follow. Everything starts with design.

“Hitaltech offer an excellent design service that complements our own – there’s nothing they could improve on.”


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