Compact DIN Rail Mounting Plastic Enclosures

//Compact DIN Rail Mounting Plastic Enclosures

Compact DIN Rail Mounting Plastic Enclosures

Hitaltech is able to offer standard, off the shelf DIN Rail mounting, wall mounting and panel mountable plastic enclosures produced by our manufacturing partner Italtronic. These products are successfully used when a quick solution is required and are particularly attractive when volumes are relatively small and spending tens of thousands on tooling is hard to justify.

There are however occasions when a design engineer will struggle to find a standard enclosure that is perfectly matched for their application. For example there may be problems in finding a standard enclosure that is the right shape and size to accommodate all the components, or when searching for an enclosure that has adequate provisions for input and output terminals, indicators and switches. There may also be issues surrounding the looks of the product and whether the enclosure is aesthetically pleasing and fits in with the corporate image of the company.

In order to address these issues, Italtronic are continually adding DIN Rail enclosures to their existing range with the aim of offering a standard enclosure to suit any application requirement.

For applications with limited space either on the DIN Rail or within an industrial cabinet, Italtronic have introduced compact versions of their existing Modulbox XTS and Railbox Range.

Modulbox XTS Compact:

The Modulbox XTS Compact is the latest addition to the Modulbox range of DIN rail mounting enclosures. Like the standard Modulbox XTS range, these compact enclosures are available from 2 to 12 modules wide across three standard versions A, B and C. This compact enclosure has a reduced height of approx 32mm making it ideal for applications with limited space inside the industrial cabinet.

The addition of the B and C version offers the end user an enclosure with increased internal volume for components. A range of accessories including pre-holed and plug-in terminal covers are available which are compatible with Hitaltech’s range of plug and socket connectors. Produced in UL94V-0 material the units are supplied with a grey top panel included as part of the mould.

In order to offer a standard enclosure which meets any design challenge, Hitaltech can offer a customisation service. For example, the Modulbox XTS top panel or the enclosure itself can be custom machined and/or printed to specific requests. These requests may be to add corporate branding/logos to the enclosure or to machine openings for inputs/outputs.modulbox-xts-compact-300x212

“By offering a range of standard DIN Rail enclosures including low profile versions, Hitaltech are able to provide a standard enclosure which can suit varying applications within the HVAC and Building Automation. The addition of these low profile enclosures for both the Modulbox and Railbox range allows Hitaltech to offer an enclosure where space on either the DIN Rail or within an industrial cabinet is not at a premium.” Explains Hitaltech’s marketing manager Tara Fisher.

Railbox Compact:

Hitaltech are pleased to introduce Italtronic’s DIN Rail mounting enclosure, the Railbox Compact.

The Railbox Compact is a lower profile version of the standard Railbox enclosure (height of 79mm).

Manufactured by Italtronic Srl, the Railbox Compact is a unique and stylish enclosure suitable for electronic applications mounted on a DIN Rail (EN 60715).
The enclosure is mounted vertically and is ideal for applications with limited available space on the DIN Rail.

Railbox-Compact-300x1924 sizes are available, 17.5mm, 22.5mm, 35mm and 45mm thickness which can be supplied in three standard colours; Light Grey, Dark Grey or Green.

These DIN rail mounting enclosures are easily assembled as no screws are required.
Accessories include, breakable hole covers, internal adaptors (for the insertion of smaller PCBS in the enclosure), panels and front covers.

Like the standard Railbox the PCB can be mounted in the base without the need for screws as well as allowing for Hitaltech’s plug-in connectors to be used on each side of the plastic enclosure.

The Railbox BUS system is available for applications where the design requires multiple Railbox enclosures to be connected and allows for integration with other systems.

This electronic enclosure is ideal for applications where space on the DIN Rail is at a premium and is well suited to the industrial control, energy metering and signal conditioning markets.

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