DIN Rail mounting Modulbox XTS

//DIN Rail mounting Modulbox XTS

DIN Rail mounting Modulbox XTS

The DIN Rail mounting Modulbox XTS range, has been developed to address the many issues surrounding the selection of standard off the shelf enclosures.

Hitaltech offer standard, off the shelf DIN Rail mounting, wall mounting and panel mountable plastic enclosures produced by our manufacturing partner Italtronic Srl.
These enclosures are successfully used when a quick solution is required and are particularly attractive when volumes are relatively low and it is difficult to justify spending tens of thousands of pounds on tooling.

There are however occasions when a design engineer will struggle to find a standard enclosure that is perfectly matched for their application. For example there may be problems in finding a standard enclosure that is the right shape and size to accommodate all the components, or when searching for an enclosure that has adequate provisions for input and output terminals, indicators and switches. There may also be issues surrounding the looks of the product and whether the enclosure is aesthetically pleasing and fits in with the corporate image of the company.

The Modulbox XTS range of DIN Rail mounting enclosures has been developed to address all of these issues.
Through a concept of flexible tooling this standard range can be easily and quickly customised without spending enormous amounts of money on tooling. It is possible to produce custom sizes, shapes and openings by simply changing selective parts of the mould tool, thus giving the design engineer the extra benefits of a quick, cost effective and application specific solution with the added benefit of designing a product in line with the corporate image of their company.

The Modulbox XTS range includes the standard DIN Rail mounting XTS series (height 53mm) as well as the latest addition the Modulbox Compact range.
The Modulbox Compact is ideal for applications requiring a lower profile enclosure as it offers a reduced height (compared to the standard XTS Series) of 32.2mm.

To request further information, samples and/or pricing please either contact us or email uksales@hitaltech.co.uk


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