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Easy on the eye – iTouch from Hitaltech

Hitaltech itouchHitaltech brings form and function to its iTouch enclosure range.

The more connected our homes become, the greater the need for simple control. Yet if that control is to complement rather than jar with stylish surroundings, it needs an enclosure that is equally stylish.

The iTouch combines flexibility, customisability and subtle style in a range of three enclosures exclusive to Hitaltech and ideally suited to home applications including building automation and HVAC.

Perfect for electronic design engineers who require wall mounted or hand-held enclosures that match form with function, the iTouch range is produced in ABS self-extinguishing material and is available in 3 variants:

  • iShape: Designed to accept front panel options including plastic, glass or integrated touch panel.
  • STD Shape: Supplied with a frame to accommodate a 4.3” TFT display and available in black, white or chrome.
  • CSF Shape: Incorporates a closed front panel which can be machined and/or printed to your specific requirements. Print options are virtually limitless but can include full colour legends, diagrams, instructions and more. The CSF Shape is also available with a range of dials.

All iTouch variants measure 80 x 120 x XX (where the depth XX can be 10, 15 or 25m) and are available with various wall mounting options to suit your specific applications.

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