Hitaltech are well-known experts of high-quality plastic enclosures for electronics. Our range of enclosures includes DIN rail enclosures, (both wall-mounted or panel mounted), IP rated enclosures and other enclosures for electronics. We also provide a range of handheld and pocket-size enclosures.

DIN Rail Enclosures

If you are looking for quality enclosures for your electronics, we have the whole range, including DIN rail enclosures that are modified to allow various embedded platforms.

IP Rated Enclosures

There is also an extensive range of IP rated enclosures, which are suitable for outdoor use or in wet environments. Our Ingress Protection Rated Enclosures were designed to meet the various requirements of engineers.

Handheld Enclosures

Our wide range of handheld and pocket size enclosures were designed to meet the requirements of both OEMs and hobbyist market.

Enclosures From Hitaltech

We are proud to provide the Italtronic range of electronic enclosures to engineers and tradespeople across the globe. The range of enclosures for electronics is suitable for HVAC, Building automation and energy metering markets.

At Hitaltech, we pride ourselves on our exceptionally high standards. We ensure all our enclosures are thoroughly tested in our sophisticated labs to exceed industry standards and expectations.

Our labs feature state of the art equipment including a climatic chamber, a dynamometer for tensile strength test and compression test, a Shore durometer to test hardness and an Extrusion Plastometer to check the Melt Flow Index of molten polymers.

Through machining and printing, the range of DIN Rail Enclosures on offer at Hitaltech can be customised to meet your requirements at a highly competitive price.


Enclosures for Electronics

Hitaltech are pleased to offer the Italtronic range of electronic enclosures including; DIN rail mounting enclosures, wall mounting and panel mounting electronic enclosures to suit applications in HVAC, Building automation and energy metering markets.


Enclosures for Embedded platforms

Developed around the standard Modulbox XTS & Railbox range, these DIN rail mounting enclosures have been modified to allow various embedded platforms such as the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone & Arduino to be mounted within the enclosure.


IP Rated Enclosures

Hitaltech offer a range of IP Rated enclosures which are ideal for both electronic and electrical applications. This range includes versions with transparent or opaque lids, knock outs for cable glands and versions with separate wiring compartments to name but a few.

HAND HELD_clipped_rev_2

Hand Held Enclosures

A range of hand held and pocket size enclosures available with/without battery compartments. Various sizes available to suit the application.