Eyebox Simple – Round Enclosure for Home and Building Automation

Serving the technology

EYEBOX SIMPLE has the same dimensions as the eyebox and is compatible with the same bases and the same adapter to facilitate fixing on the main wall boxes on the market.
The mold was also prepared for customisation In Mold Decoration Technology. Thanks to this technology, for medium and large quantities, it is possible to obtain a personalised aesthetic, to satisfy any graphic requirement and surface finish, including the possibility of printing it in transparent material and with the IMDT, delimit the area of ​​the visual area required.
The EYEBOX SIMPLE, thanks to our experience and professionalism in mechanical customisation, can easily become your personalised container for a speaker, a smoke or gas sensor, a container for video surveillance or simply a regulator / dimmer.
All these possible customisation’s to give you the chance to “dress” your electronics with a new innovative and functional design.