Railbox Compact

  • Available in 4 widths, 17.5mm, 22.5mm, 35mm and 45mm
  • 3 standard colours, Light grey, Dark Grey and Green
  • Easily assembled without the need for screws
  • Up to 10 terminals per side (Hitaltech CIF/CIM Connectors)
  • Diverse range of accessories available
  • Customisation through machining/printing available
  • Two or more enclosures can be connected using the BUS Connection system


If you require a sample or further information, please contact us.

Railbox Compact23_clipped_rev_4

Part No Description Colour Technical Drawing
10.0061175 Railbox Compact 17.5mm Black pdf-icon
10.0061225 Railbox Compact 22.5mm Black pdf-icon
10.0061350 Railbox Compact 35mm Black pdf-icon
10.0061450 Railbox Compact 45mm Black pdf-icon
10.0060175 Railbox Compact 17.5mm Green pdf-icon
10.0060225 Railbox Compact 22.5mm Green pdf-icon
10.0060350 Railbox Compact 35mm Green pdf-icon
10.0060450 Railbox Compact 45mm Green pdf-icon
10.0062175 Railbox Compact 17.5mm Grey pdf-icon
10.0062225 Railbox Compact 22.5mm Grey pdf-icon
10.0082350 Railbox Compact 35mm Grey pdf-icon
10.0062450 Railbox Compact 45mm Grey pdf-icon

*If you require a sample, please contact us.