Beaglebone Din Rail Enclosures

Beaglebone Din Rail Enclosures2018-09-18T15:13:54+01:00

Modulbox BeagleBone DIN Rail Enclosure for BeagleBone Black

Hitaltech is pleased to offer a DIN rail mounting enclosure specifically to house the BeagleBone Black. This enclosure has been approved as an official accessory by the foundation.

Part No. Photo Description Distributor for samples Technical Drawing
25.0410000.BGB DIN Rail enclosure for BeagleBone 4M Modulbox BeagleBone Black
25.0610000.BGB 6M BeagleBone 6M Modulbox BeagleBone Black contact us
33.0414000.BGB 4M BeagleBone Compact 4M Modulbox Compact BeagleBone Black contact us
33.0614000.BGB 6M BeagleBone Compact 6M Modulbox Compact BeagleBone Black contact us