Raspberry Pi DIN Rail Mounted Enclosures

Produced by our manufacturing partner Italtronic Srl, Hitaltech offer a range of DIN Rail mounting enclosures constructed specifically to house the Raspberry Pi Embedded platform.
The Modulbox & Railbox is a modular plastic enclosure for DIN Rail mounting Raspberry Pi B, Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry 4 versions.
The DIN rail enclosure is designed to meet a range of needs and applications including industrial and home & building automation.
Our range of enclosure for embedded systems is the most complete range on the market.
The various options that are available provide multiple volumes and space for input/output connections. This allows applications to be as discrete or complex as you wish.
Customisation of this Embedded box is available through a wide range of options to make the product unique: various front panels, wall mounting and several enclosures dimensions.
The end user also has the opportunity to receive a standard enclosure produced with specific requirements through our machining and printing program, at a highly competitive price.
Customisation can be done through CNC milling, cutting and shearing machines.
Printing can be made by our UV Digital printing process for multi-coloured graphics, pad printing for high-resolution patterns up to two colours, laser marking for permanent marking or serigraphy printing for thick ink deposit.

Part No. Photo Description Distributor Technical Drawing
25.0410000.RMB 4M Modulbox Raspberry Pi B+ CPC Logo


25.0610000.RMB 6M Modulbox Raspberry Pi B+ RS_Components_logo

33.0414000.RMB 4M Modulbox Compact Pi B+ RS_Components_logo

33.0614000.RMB 6M Modulbox Compact Pi B+ RS_Components_logo

25.0410000.RPI 4M Modulbox Raspberry Pi B
25.0410000.RP4 4M XTS Raspberry Pi 4 Model B RS_Components_logo

33.0414000.RP4 4M XTS Compact Raspberry Pi 4 B
25.0610000.RP4 6M XTS Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
33.0614000.RP4 6M XTS Compact Raspberry Pi 4 B
10.0012225.RMB Railbox 22.5mm Raspberry Pi B+ CPC Logo


10.0052450.RMB Railbox 45mm Raspberry Pi B+ RS_Components_logo

10.0012225.RPI Railbox 22.5mm Raspberry Pi B
10.0052450.RPI Railbox 45mm Raspberry Pi B CPC Logo
10.0012225.RP4 Railbox 22.5mm Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
10.0052450.RP4 Railbox 45mm Raspberry Pi 4 Model B