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FIX JUMPERS are highly flexible flat conductor connectors. Solid round conductors ensure fast and secure assembly.
The PANTA© round-flat-round technology combines both: The copper conductors are rolled flat to a defined geometry in the insulating area, ensuring the highest standards of vibration and bending resistance. The smooth notch-free transition from round to flat guarantees fracture-safe connection points.


Pitch : From 0.8mm pitch to 5.08mm pitch (special pitches available upon request).
No. of Positions Available : 1 to 32
Insulation Material : Polyester, Nomex, Polyimide, PEN
Insulation Length : 12mm-999mm (special lengths available on request)
Pin length : 3.2mm as standard (special pin lengths from 2.5mm to 10mm available upon request)
– Various termination styles
– FIX Jumpers can be soldered directly into a PCB or inserted into a connector
– Flat insulated conductors act as a vibration damper making the jumpers suitable in the most arduous of applications
– Cost efficiency due to soldering all wiring points in the solder bath simultaneously
– One end can be provided with a connector
– No need for wire stripping and cutting to length
– Takes up less space compared to flexible printed cable and traditional round cable due to a low profile and high flexibility.

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