High currents require high power terminal blocks and connectors – and the growth in electric vehicles means the need has never been greater. Fortunately, Hitaltech anticipated the growth in demand.

Hitaltech’s terminal blocks and connectors come in a wide range of sizes. The smallest – the sort you may find hidden in home devices like smart meters – are suitable for low power applications and are rated around 10 amps in current. But the largest are much, much bigger. Rated at 135 amps, they are designed to cope with high power industrial applications and are used in inverters, servo drives and power supplies.

Hitaltech ready for EV charging demand

Yet there’s one field of high-power application that has been growing faster than any other over the past few years. Now that the government has determined that no new petrol and diesel vehicles can be produced from 2030, the growth in electric vehicles – and the demand for the infrastructure to support that growth – is set to accelerate further.

Fortunately, Hitaltech anticipated the growth and many of its high power terminal blocks and connectors have been specifically designed for the power electronics market. Capable of drawing high current, the components are suitable not just for EV charging but also the wider renewable energy sector. You’ll find links to several components in the range at the end of this article.

How do high power terminal blocks differ from low power?

In terms of manufacture, the materials and processes are much the same for any size terminal block or connector. The difference is scale. High power terminal blocks are much bigger than their low power counterparts because they have to carry more current, which requires the same materials but in greater quantities.

What is ‘high power’?

Anything above 40 amps is classed as high power. We have 9 variants in the high power range.

Adding value, tailored to you

As with all our components, Hitaltech can work with your design engineers to customise  components to match your specific requirements. Already the range includes PCB moulded screw-type blocks, screwless types and a pluggable range but to that we can add tailored printing, colours, kitting, machining and more to help you deliver a better end product, refine production processes or make life simpler for the end user.

We’re always happy to work with you to ensure you choose the most appropriate product. Just ask us.

UL approved

Any components used in high power applications will need the correct approvals to ensure the product is safe to be used at high voltage and amperage. All our products have UL approval and documentation. For additional compliance requirements, talk to us.

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