A major investment by Hitaltech, the connecting technologies and enclosures specialists, has added 60% to the company’s warehouse capacity and boosted its growth forecasts. So now, Hitaltech’s reputation for tailoring its stock to the needs of its customers can grow too.

“We’ve never been a broad line stockist,” explains Andy Fitzer, managing director at Hitaltech. “We’ve always believed that if you build the right relationships with your customers, you don’t have to speculate about what stock they’ll need – you know it. We’re constantly tailoring the stock we carry to the changing needs of our customers, and this expansion means we can carry more of what they want, and deliver the same levels of personalised service to an even greater pool of customers.”

Building on growth

Hitaltech has been able to make the investment because of consistent, strong growth over the past few years. Now on track to grow turnover significantly over the next 5 years, the investment at the company’s Lancashire facility has seen a new mezzanine floor provide the additional 60% warehouse capacity the business needs. And not content with their newfound space, Hitaltech’s warehousing is already spreading much further.

Tailoring service to customers

“Working with your customers doesn’t mean simply supplying the product solutions they want,” explains Andy. “It means supplying the service solutions too. Many of our customers operate different types of ordering systems such as JIT (just in time) Kanban, or MRP (material requisition planning systems). So we place consignment stock directly into customers’ warehouses, and the customer only invoices us when they use it. That raises efficiency and reduces risks to production processes.

“Helping customers work more efficiently is something we’re absolutely committed to – and you can see that in the way we help develop their ordering systems; create the tailored, packaged component kits that make production easier; support product development; or even produce customer-specific barcode labelling.”

Investing in understanding

Hitaltech’s investment has also funded an upgrade of the existing Sage CRM system. For a business built on adding value to the way its customers work, the greater understanding and flexibility the CRM system brings provides even greater opportunities.

“Our customers tell us that one of the reasons they choose us is because we help design engineers select the right product, and have the flexibility to meet purchasing and logistics requirements. This expansion – in our capacity and our CRM capability – puts us in the perfect position to grow that capability over the next few years.”