We  have introduced speedy, detailed and cost-effective full colour printing, which allows legends and coded symbols to be included on standard terminal blocks.

These new colour-printed terminal blocks will enable quicker and more accurate wiring.

This option was only previously available through repeated layers of single-colour pad printing, which was expensive; or attaching sticky labels, which was labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Andy Fitzer, managing director of Hitaltech, said the full colour printing process had been developed to service growing demand from customers.

He explained: “There is an obvious advantage to colour-coding terminal blocks. With the addition of clear legends, an electrical engineer’s job is made so much easier. Tasks can be completed quicker, mistakes are less common and costly mistakes avoided.

“And now, for the first time, terminal blocks are available with full-colour printing through a quick and cost-effective process. This development is set to make a huge difference in our market, and our customers are eager to begin working with them.”