One part number. One bag of components. One way to make installation quicker and simpler. Hitaltech find a new way to add value to your products.

Product installation or assembly can be a fiddly, time consuming business. That process becomes easier when you bring all the required terminal blocks and connectors together in one place, so finding and selecting the right piece for the right application takes less time. Now Hitaltech has introduced a kitting service, enabling clients to choose pre-packed groups of components that help make every assembly or installation quicker.

It’s not just at installation stage where the new kits save time. Each kit bag can be ordered under a single part number, so placing orders is swifter. And with the capacity to print customer part references, barcodes, logos and more directly onto the bag, we can help make picking and sorting faster too.

The kitting option is already proving popular with customers who want to supply their finished products with a bag of pluggable connectors for the installer to use. Yet this is not the only potential use, and there’s a huge amount of flexibility in terms of kit contents and overall size.

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