Thursday 9 May 2019

Stand 91, The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire

·        PCB Design & Manufacturing Live is the UK’s only dedicated exhibition for PCB design and manufacture

·        Hitaltech will be showcasing its Conex-It range of screw and screwless terminal blocks

·        The company will also be demonstrating its value added services, including kitting, printing, machining and more

PCB Design & Manufacturing Live is the UK’s only dedicated exhibition for sourcing the electronic components and services essential to the Printed Circuit Board design and manufacturing processes. As experts in connecting technologies and enclosures, Hitaltech will be there.


Hitaltech will be demonstrating its Conex-It range of PCB screw and screwless terminal blocks. These enable electronic products to benefit from reliable connections, fast and accurate wiring and/or increased vibration resistance.

“Improved vibration resistance makes the Conex-it range of screwless terminal blocks ideal for applications where vibration is inherent. In addition, the simplicity of installation cuts assembly time,” explains Hitaltech MD, Andy Fitzer.

 Value Added Services

Hitaltech’s Value Added Services bring together a wide range of services that make electronic design and manufacture easier, faster and more cost effective.

“Services such as kitting, printing, wiring loom assembly, machining and more can help our customers develop better-realised products that stand out from the competition,” says Jack Walker, Hitaltech Sales Engineer. “These services help refine processes, reduce assembly times and cut production costs, and we’re looking forward to exploring the many ways we can tailor our services to benefit the companies attending the show.”

The added value services of particular interest at last year’s PBC Live were full colour printing and connector kits. Component printing enables legends and symbols to be easily – and cost-effectively – included on connectors to make accurate assembly and wiring quicker, easier and much more cost effective.

Speaking about the connector kits, Jack Walker says: “Where once customers needed to order multiple parts, then sort them ready for the assembly line, now they can order predefined bags of components under one part number. We then tailor bespoke component kits for each client, with each bag containing a pre-defined set of terminal blocks and connectors, each coloured and printed to the customer’s requirements. Kitting can save a significant amount of time in sifting and sorting components on the assembly line.”

“We are delighted to be returning to PCB Live, says Andy Fitzer. “Its specialism is its strength, and we’re very much looking forward to talking connectors with what are always extremely passionate and knowledgeable delegates.”

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