Industrial Control

Tailored, connected components for your industrial control applications.

The cloud, cognitive computing, cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things: as industrial automation and data processing evolve, trust Hitaltech to deliver interconnection and enclosure products that keep evolving too:


Customised enclosures for industrial control and process monitoring applications.

Hitaltech’s DIN rail mounted, wall mounted or panel mounted enclosures are available off the shelf or tailored to match your application and specifications. Talk to us about your enclosure requirements now.

Choose your enclosure

Enclosures for Electronics

House complex industrial automation controls and high density inputs and outputs in a smaller space with Railbox, Hitaltech’s DIN rail mountable enclosure range.

Enclosures for Embedded Platforms

Developed around the standard Modulbox XTS & Railbox range, these DIN rail mounting enclosures have been modified to allow various embedded platforms such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone & Arduino to be mounted within the enclosure.

Bespoke Enclosures

Separate wiring compartments. Tailored knock-outs for input and output cable glands. A range of top and face panel options. Work with us to create bespoke enclosures developed, moulded and printed for your specific application.


Ask us to customise or develop an enclosure for you and we’ll subject it to a full range of in-house tests to ensure it can withstand the environment in which you’ll be placing it. Tests include:

  • Climatic chamber
  • Dynamometer for tensile strength test and compression test
  • Shore durometer to test hardness
  • Extrusion plastometer to check the Melt Flow Index of molten polymers

For help in choosing the right enclosures for your application, please contact us.

Board to Board Connectors & Terminal Blocks

From flat, flexible PCB cables to screwed or screwless terminal blocks, RJ45 and USB connectors, find the right connector for your industrial control application.


Miniature board-to-board terminal blocks and connectors for high power and signal applications.

Board to Board Connectors

Discover the Hitaltech range of flat, flexible cables designed for industrial control and other applications where large volumes of inputs and outputs need to be packed into a small space, for electrical connections requiring a high flexibility and/or where printed circuit boards are subject to vibration.

These highly flexible cables also offer:

  • Soldered ends for permanent connections or pluggable connectors
  • Pole ranges from 2 to 32
  • A range of insulation materials
  • Dependant on application, these cables can be supplied to withstand reflow soldering temperatures

You choose the pitch, no. of connections and insulation length to suit your application. We provide the cables that match your needs precisely. Standard MOQ is approx. 450+ pieces (dependant on requirement).

Find the right board to board interconnect system for you now.

Terminal Blocks

PCB Mounted Screw Terminal Blocks

Choose high quality rising clamp screw terminal blocks for applications where reliable connections are paramount.

Available across a range of pitches from 2.54-15mm pitch and from 2 – 125A.

PCB Mounted Screwless Terminal Blocks

Enables fast installation and vibration resistance. Our high power terminal blocks and connectors are particularly suited to industrial control applications, and for use in high-capacity frequency converters, power supplies and battery chargers. Choose high power latching wire entry for connecting to printed circuit boards at speed, without the use of a tool.

Available across a range of pitches from 2.54-20mm pitch and from 2 – 125A.

 RJ45 and USB

For data signalling and processing applications, choose Hitaltech’s extensive range of RoHS compliant modular jacks, our Conex-It range of USB connectors, and our RF connectors and miniature connectors which 50 Ohm impedance and operating up to 6 GHz.

For help in choosing the right connectors for your application, please contact us.

Value Added Services

Services designed to help you refine processes, reduce assembly times, develop better-realised products that stand out from the competition, and cut costs.

Industrial control product development made easier

Product development is about more than technical capability. Bringing a new product to market on budget demands improving processes, quality, user friendliness, reliability and costs.

Hitaltech’s Value Added Services can help, with a range of services that help you:

  • Develop better-realised products that stand out from the competition
  • Improve product quality
  • Refine processes
  • Reduce assembly times
  • Reduce costs

Hitaltech VAS

Create your own bespoke combination of services that will add value to your product development and delivery. Choose from:

  • Buffer Stock Packages
  • Kitting
  • Machining
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • Mould Tool Modifications
  • Printing
  • Wiring Loom Assembly

At R&D, at assembly, at delivery, let Hitaltech Value Added Services help you create better, simpler, faster industrial products.

To find out more about Value Added Services, please contact us.