Hitaltech offers a complete range of Screw Terminal Blocks and Connectors with the using the superior rising clamp over the more affordable wire protector terminal blocks.

Standard PCB terminal blocks are your typical wire to board connection method, soldered to the board at one end by the pins and the wire entry on a separate face horizontal or vertical to the PCB. The terminal block offers a screw-type termination method, which in this section is a rising clamp. Rising clamp terminal blocks are considered a more superior block to a wire protector terminal block, as the rising clamp is capable of being used multiple times, for instance, the clamp will not deteriorate with multiple uses, meaning the wires can be removed or replaced for maintenance.

The Fully Automatic assembly process guarantees zero functional defect, 100% of the pieces are tested.

Various pitches are available from 2.54mm up to 19mm, in inches as well as their metric equivalent.

From 8A. up to 125A., with horizontal, vertical or angled mounting, Hitaltech aims to offer a Terminal Block or Connectors to suit the needs of design engineers working across a range of applications.

Our technical sales team can help guide you to find a suitable solution for your requirements, and we offer bespoke custom-designed solutions if our existing products do not quite meet your specifications.

Applications for terminal blocks:

  • Equipment for monitoring industrial processes
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Robotics
  • Energy metering
  • Electrical devices
  • Building automation

An example of some of the Rising Clamp Terminal Blocks in our range includes:

  • HRTA – a high profile PCB terminal block that is 28.5mm high with a 10.6 up to 12.7mm pitch, for 16mm² wire section and current rating 65A.
  • HRTC – a high profile PCB terminal block that is 39mm high with a  15mm pitch for 35mm² wire section and current rating 125A.
  • HT1.3-MSD – a PCB terminal block with the smallest pitch at 2.54mm with 10mm total height for 1mm² wire section and a current rating 12A.
  • HT4.0-PSQ – a multi-level PCB terminal block up to four levels available in six configurations, 5 up to 10.16mm pitch, for 4.0mm² wire section and a current rating 32A.