Have you wondered how to create better vibration resistance and stronger connection points?

You might not imagine there’s too much innovation to be found in the humble wire. And yet the standard round wire has always presented a problem for applications subject to vibration. If the cables that connect your PCBs can’t withstand the heat and vibration inherent in the application, as is the case, for example, in washing machines or the automotive sector, those connections become fragile.

Yet round wires have never made the most flexible of connectors. Flat has always been more flexible. But create a purely flat wire and you place stress on solder joints and risk weaker connection points.

So we have taken the best facets of both wires to create a connector that offers flexibility, vibration resistance and connection strength, in a technology we call ‘round-flat-round’.

Best of both worlds

As its name suggests, ‘round-flat-round’ connectors take a standard wire and flatten most of it using Hitaltech’s proprietary technology. At either end, however, the wire is left in its rounded form. The flat wire improves flexibility and vibration dampening characteristics. The round ends ensure connection points remain secure.

The connectors are ideal for board to board and wire to board connectivity over distances from a few mm to many metres apart. Because the connectors are soldered directly onto the PCB, the technique is a reliable, permanent solution for non-modular systems.

Production benefits

The flattened connectors deliver surprising production advantages, as Hitaltech MD Andy Fitzer is keen to emphasise. “The flexibility of the connectors gives designers so many more options when developing products. You can take a flat panel PCB, break it up and stack it in sections, or fold panel at 90 degrees. So a round-flat-round connector isn’t just a benefit to vibration or connection strength. It can play an active part in miniaturisation, design freedom and cost effectiveness too.

Development partnerships

At Hitaltech we have a long history of working closely with clients to tailor our connectors and enclosures to the specific application.

“The sooner we are brought into a development process the better for the end product,” explains Andy. “In the automotive sector, for example, the design cycle can last three years or more. Ideally we’d want to be involved early in that cycle so we can design, develop, test and make recommendations that ensure the connector and product are the perfect match. Those discussions might include everything from PCB orientation to cable pitch, operating and manufacturing environment to soldering process.”

Give us a call or contact us explore applications for round-flat-round connectors in your products