Hitaltech’s new building automation enclosure gives manufacturers complete freedom to customise and personalise form and function.

  • Adapts to a wide range of home and industrial automation functions
  • Ideally suited to housing setting, measurement, detection, access control and sensor instrumentation
  • Simple, ergonomic press-and-turn operation
  • Universal rear wall attachment

Building automation keeps getting smarter, now capable of doing everything from managing the ambient temperature to controlling security camera feeds. Now, the aesthetics of building automation enclosure design are catching up with the capabilities.

Hitaltech’s Eyebox range takes an altogether rounder, more compact approach to the traditional square/rectangular enclosure.

More in less

The enclosure may be small – with 60mm, 110mm and 160mm options – but the simple user interface hides a multitude of possible options, including measurement displays, settings (e.g. for lighting or temperature), movement sensors, access controls, security camera controls and more.

More options

A simple turn or press of the ring nut is all it takes to access multiple functions, but additional click-on rings can add further setting combinations or ergonomic capability.

The standard enclosure has a white ABS finish, but numerous colour, texture and finish options are available. While wall mounting (via the universal attachment) is the natural option, palm, table and inclined surface mountings are all possible.

“Eyebox represents a new standard in building automation enclosure design,” says Matt Hughes. “The level of functionality and the potential for customisation make Eyebox suitable for a wide range of home and industrial applications, all packed into what we believe is a genuinely beautiful building automation enclosure.”

To find out more about tailoring Eyebox, contact us today.