SAURO solves the SMT/connector conundrum

//SAURO solves the SMT/connector conundrum

SAURO solves the SMT/connector conundrum

Hitaltech, UK distributor for SAURO products, introduces SMDThroughHole, SAURO’s innovative solution to the problems traditional terminal blocks and connectors present for new SMT techniques.

In recent years, component mounting and soldering technologies on circuit boards have evolved towards automated systems, with traditional methods replaced by new SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) techniques.

That has presented a problem for any manufacturer wishing to use traditional components such as terminal blocks and connectors on their PCB, as such components are not typically suited to robot-driven processes and high temperature soldering requirements. But after years of research, Hitaltech partner SAURO has developed a new range of terminal blocks and connectors that can be used with the SMT technology.

Introducing SAURO SMDThroughHole

At present, the typical process phases for combining SMT techniques with traditional terminal blocks and connectors, are as follows:

  1. Robotic systems (pick-and-place) position high precision SMD components
  2. Passage through oven for reflow soldering
  3. Terminal blocks or male connectors are manually positioned in through-holes, THT(ThroughHoleTechnology)
  4. Passage through wave oven for soldering of terminal blocks or male connectors.

But with SAURO STH® products (SMDThroughHole) the third and fourth phases of the current process are removed entirely, reducing production time, cost and the potential for error.

With the new STH technology, the production process becomes:

  1. Pick-and-place systems position high precision SMD components and STH terminal blocks and/or male connectors
  2. PCB passage through oven for reflow soldering; all components are already positioned.

SAURO STH’s® high temperature terminal blocks and connectors have been manufactured to be used in all reflow soldering processes with leadfree methods, and are suitable for automatic mounting via pick and place devices.

According to the type of automated mounting used, STH® products can be packed in tape on reel, tube or tray.

Giada Favero, Marketing and Sales Manager at SAURO, says: “Hitaltech and SAURO have been working closely and successfully together for more than 20 years performing an excellent level of quality and service towards their customers. STH is just the latest in long partnership of innovation.”

Find out more about SAURO STH® here

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