Space: Hitaltech connector crosses the final frontier

//Space: Hitaltech connector crosses the final frontier

Space: Hitaltech connector crosses the final frontier

The drive towards miniaturization shows no signs of slowing – but smaller products need smaller components. So it’s no surprise that Hitaltech’s HMSI/HSFJ series connector – which creates new space in the smallest products – is growing rapidly in popularity.

The secret to the more efficient use of space is a double row two-part connector that offers the same amount of connection points in half the traditional space. The connector system is available on a 3.5mm (0.138”) pitch available from 2*2 to 2*24 poles, allowing for a maximum of 48 connections.

This double row version removes the need for a smaller pitch terminal block or connector, making installation easier.

Space saving. Reflow temperature resisting.

The HMSI PCB mounting header is available in various versions including open and closed ended as well as a version with a locking screw flange for increased security. Available on both horizontal and vertical orientations, the HMSI can be produced in both PA4.6 and PA6.6 materials, allowing the connector to withstand high reflow temperatures.

The HMSI header can be supplied boxed or taped on reel where the header is being automatically picked and placed onto the PCB before soldering.

The mating HSFJ plug has a spring clamp mechanism and can be supplied in various colours as well as a spring clamp version being available.

Small is big

Andy Fitzer, managing director at Hitaltech says: “When our customers design products they have space constraints. Everyone is looking for increased functionality in the same space, so as the electronics industry has evolved we’ve seen a trend to make everything smaller.

“Hitaltech’s multi-level connector enables new designs to take advantage of multiple inputs and outputs in a smaller space – giving designers greater flexibility in product creation. It’s proving extremely popular.”

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