Screwless Terminal Blocks & Connectors

Hitaltech has a wide range of screwless terminal blocks and connectors. The advantages of the Spring clamp Terminal Blocks and Connectors are the easiness of the wire insertion, solid as well as stranded wires, that guarantees high retention of the wire as well as optimal contact. Screwless Terminal Blocks and Connectors could retain the wires with or without Push Buttons, in other words, the use of special tooling is not needed.

Small pitches such as 2.54mm to high pitches of 15mm are available in our product range, either in imperial or metric measurements.

Dependant on your requirements for your PCB, several mounting types are possible such as the horizontal, vertical and angled mounting. Starting from 2A up to 65A, Hitaltech offers you a wide range of possibilities that fits into your technical and design requirements.

Hitaltech proposes 3 types of product: The Terminal Blocks, the Plugs and the PCB Mounted Headers.

Electrical Terminal Blocks are directly soldered in the PCB and bring a straight connexion between the wire and the PCB.

For pluggable options, there are female connectors which interface between the wire and the PCB Mounted Headers.

The plug connector is connected to the PCB Mounted Headers, also known as male connector which is soldered on the PCB.

Applications for screwless connectors:

  • Equipment for monitoring industrial processes
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Robotics
  • Energy metering
  • Electrical devices
  • Building automation