“Hitaltech have supported us through every stage of the process, from initial design support and technical input right through to the samples needed to support prototyping”

Darren Legge, R&D Engineer, Energy Technology & Control Ltd

“Hitaltech are our favorite company to deal with. They come to us with answers, not problems, and what I like is they’re very, very good at doing what they say they’re going to do.”

Karen Wilkinson, Engineering/Project Manager, TE connectivity

“We chose Hitaltech as design partners because they are very knowledgeable. If I need information from a PCB housing point of view, I turn to Hitaltech”

Mark Holmes, Mechanical and PCB Designer, Helvar Ltd

“They gave us their full support throughout, and were also quite patient. They invested time, effort, machinery and tooling, which was quite impressive and made them stand out. I would say they would be the first I’d recommend”

David Mundye, Export Sales Manager, Amelec Instruments Ltd

“Hitaltech offer an excellent design service that complements our own – there’s nothing they could improve on.”

Andy Nield, Operations Manager, Electrica Ltd

“They are as committed to the product as we are.”

Ian Campbell, Purchasing Manager, Schneider Electric Systems UK Ltd

“Our contract partnership with Hitaltech fits the way we work, and enables us to run lean, meet our supply chain commitments and avoid the hassle and inefficiency of carrying large stocks”

Julian Newton-Turner, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manager, Energy Technology Control Ltd