On 8-10 February 2022, Southern Manufacturing & Electronics returned to the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre. Hitaltech was there.

How do you celebrate an important milestone? For us, it was fortunate that SME 2022 coincided with our 25th anniversary. We wanted to mark the silver jubilee in style, so for the first time we brought along representative samples from across our entire range of components and enclosures, focusing on three core areas in particular.

Board-to-board connectors

From this range, we exhibited the latest products from our partners Italtronic, Sumida and Sauro. The latter’s STH® (SMDThroughHole), for example, reduces production time, cost and the potential for error with terminal blocks and connectors not typically suited to robot-driven processes and high temperature soldering requirements.

DIN rail mounting enclosures 

We were excited to be able to exhibit the latest evolution of Modulbox. It’s the first to have capacity for 15 modules, giving manufacturers the potential to offer greater capability in heating, lighting control and energy metering. Meanwhile our new 2-tier Modulbox offers new levels of compact design flexibility.

Value Added Services (VAS)

VAS are always a popular topic of conversation at every industry event, and the same was true at SME. At a time when finding fresh cost savings and process improvements has never been more important, it was extremely rewarding to be able to explore the various ways we could help our customers design and manufacture quicker, better and more cost-effectively.

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by the stand. We look forward to doing it all again next year!