Helping you deliver extra quality in your products and extra efficiency in your production

For more than 30 years, Hitaltech’s wire-to-board connectors, board-to-board interconnect systems and plastic enclosures have helped organisations deliver better quality products. Now, Value Added Services (VAS) help you deliver those products faster, simpler and more cost effectively.

What is Value Added?

All too often, product development is about compromise. It’s an exercise in scaling back ambition because of cost, time and technical constraints. Choose Value Added Services from Hitaltech and you don’t have to compromise.

Value Added Services can help you:

  • Develop better-realised products that stand out from the competition
  • Improve product quality
  • Refine processes
  • Reduce assembly times
  • Reduce costs

Adding Value at Every Stage

R&D: Make us your development partner, and whether your ambitions are product aesthetics, reducing size, cutting the potential for mis-wiring or refining the production process, we’ll develop a solution that saves time, money and/or improves quality.

Assembly: Wiring loom assembly. Tailored component kitting. Bespoke printing of colours, legends and wiring diagrams: we have more ways to help speed up production while reducing errors.

Delivery: VAS can cut product cost whilst increasing product quality and differentiation – making it more appealing to customers and end users.

Hitaltech VAS

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ set of Value Added Services. The combination of services that add value for you may be unique, which is why we individually tailor every package.  Find to follow value added services which can benefit your production, product quality and customers:

If your business model relies on carrying minimal stock, you’ll need a components supplier who carries the stock you need and can supply it swiftly.

How can we help?

Hitaltech Buffer Stock Packages are part of our Value Added Services and ensure you always have the components you need, just as you need them. We carry stock so you don’t have to, and supply fast, so you never have to compromise production or cost efficiency by paying for storage or carrying stock you don’t immediately need.

Every production line faces the same challenge: somehow, the components that form part of your assembly process need to be made more readily available, simply. Traditionally, that may have involved putting your own component kits together or paying for third parties to do it. But that takes time and resource not just on the assembly line, but in ordering.

How can we help?

Hitaltech Kitting is one of our Value Added Services, and it can help make ordering and assembly faster and more cost effective.

  • Save on Ordering: We tailor component kits to your requirements, so you can create one or more kits for various parts of the assembly process. Each kitbag comes with its own unique part number so now, instead of ordering multiple products, you order just one. The result? You spend far less time completing purchase orders.
  • Save on Assembly: All the parts you need, all together, just when you need them – and individual components can be printed or coloured as you require. Pre-packed kits cut the time and cost of component assembly and speed up production.

Finding the right enclosure for your product can be a challenge. An off the shelf enclosure will be inexpensive, but you may have to compromise on features or design to meet its constraints. Bespoke moulding of a brand new enclosure removes all such restrictions, but can make the finished product impractically expensive. But there is another way.

How can we help?

Hitaltech Machining is one of our Value Added Services and can help create a bespoke enclosure without the bespoke price tag.

  • Cut Compromise: We take an existing enclosure and re-machine it, creating new openings for inputs, outputs, larger connectors, LEDs and more, so you don’t have to compromise on your planned product features or design aesthetics.
  • Save Money: Machining enables you to achieve a bespoke product without the cost of bespoke moulding.
  • Ideal for Low/Medium Volumes: Hitaltech Machining is ideal for product development and production where volumes are too low to support significant mould tool fees.

The more parts and processes, the greater the assembly time, and the greater the cost. But when your products come assembled or part-assembled, you can reduce the number of assembly processes, reduce errors, and cut the cost of production.

How can we help?

Hitaltech Mechanical Assemblies is one of our Value Added Services:

  • Reduce Assembly Time: Many Hitaltech products can be supplied in an assembled or semi-assembled state. Take our pcb carriers, for example. Instead of separate mounts and end plates, we can supply them part-assembled, so there’s just one screw to remove and replace to slide the pcb into position.
  • Save Money: We’ll tailor the level of assembly to your processes so you save more time and money. If you need your rising terminal blocks to be screwed up or screwed down, for example, just ask.
  • Cut Risk: When more of your components are pre-assembled, you cut the risk, time and cost of assembly errors, product failure and rework.
  • Simplify Stock: Order pre-assembled parts and you can order under one part number, cutting order complexity, and removing the need to store multiple parts in multiple places – so picking times are reduced too.

If Hitaltech’s Machining Service enables you to create new openings and cut outs in established enclosures, our Mould Tool Modifications service takes the customisation a step further, enabling you not just to remove elements from a standard enclosure, but to add new inserts too.

How can we help?

Hitaltech Mould Tool Modifications is one of our Value Added Services and can help you create a bespoke enclosure or terminal blocks.

  • Cut Compromise: Achieve precisely the enclosure or terminal block you need, without compromise. Create new openings and apertures for inputs, outputs and LEDS, or add new inserts.
  • Simple Modification: Take an existing mould, create new inserts and achieve a bespoke terminal block or enclosure that delivers every feature you need, cost effectively.
  • Ideal for Medium/High Volumes: The Hitaltech Mould Tool Modifications service is ideal for product development and production for volumes of 10,000+ pieces.

Colouring and printing components has long been possible, but it has also always been laborious and costly, with legends and wiring diagrams, for example, traditionally applied using sticky labels. This has meant that the time-saving benefits of colour coding or on-component diagrams has been lost in the cost and time taken to produce them.

How can we help?

Hitaltech Printing is one of our Value Added Services and can help cut the time and cost of production.

  • Save on Assembly: No more labels. With colours, diagrams, legends and more printed directly onto the component, you save time and money in assembly.
  • Save Money: With direct printing, there’s no need for the additional production costs (or time) or third party printing.
  • Improve Product Quality: We can tailor printing to your requirements – to the benefit of the end user or assembly-line workers. Wiring diagrams, colour coding and more can reduce production errors, speed assembly or create user-friendly products that are easier for customers to use.

Component wiring is a typical pain point for any business. The process of wiring is time consuming and, whether handled in house or sub-contracted, it can be a constant source of cost and delay. Add field-wiring into the equation, and there’s increased potential for errors, rework and a lessening in customer satisfaction too.

How can we help?

Hitaltech Wiring Loom Assembly is one of our Value Added Services and can help cut the time and cost of production and reduce rework.

  • Save on Assembly: We deliver the wiring loom ready for installation, streamlining the assembly process, making it more cost effective and reducing the risk of error.
  • Save on Rework: Whether on the production line or in the field, wiring loom assembly minimises the risk of error, and cuts the time and cost of corrective rework.

Board-to-board connection can be complex.

How can we help?

  • Mix cable: When data and power connection are required, we can supply a cable with different wire sections and pitches, all in 1 component.
  • Pitch: We can produce a cable with specific pitch to optimize the space available for connectors on the PCB’s.
  • Pin termination: To comply with dielectric strength requirements we can easily supply special pin termination (staggered)

How can we help?

To fit your production process and save assembly costs, our wire-to-board connectors and board-to-board interconnect systems can be supplied tape on reel or in trays for automatic component placement.

To save packaging cost we can supply the pieces in bulk…

How can we help you? To find out more, please contact us.