DIN rails (DIN stands for ‘Deutsche Institut für Normung’ or ‘German Institute of Standards’) are the globally standardised component rail-mounting system used in equipment racks to securely attach electronic components, such as terminal blocks. DIN rail enclosures provide an added layer of protection for your components, as Hitaltech explains.

What is a DIN rail enclosure?

DIN rail enclosures protect any components mounted to a DIN rail and can also act as a connector in their own right. Available in a range of sizes, materials and IP ratings, DIN rail enclosures from Hitaltech can be mounted on rails, walls, or panels.

How do DIN rail enclosures work?

DIN rail enclosures are mounted onto a standard sized metal rail within a rack to provide a safe and entirely customised enclosure to meet your specific requirements. DIN rail enclosures are available to suit common DIN rail sizes of 35mm, 32mm or 15mm.

What is a DIN rail enclosure used for?

Also known as top hat rail enclosures, DIN rail enclosures are often used in measurement, control and instrumentation applications. However, given their customisable nature, affordability and ease of installation, DIN rail enclosures can be used for all manner of industrial applications.

What types of DIN rail enclosures are there?

At Hitaltech, we offer a variety of different enclosures, including the following:

DIN Rail Enclosures

Hitaltech offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality enclosures for your electronics, including customisable DIN rail enclosures to house all your various embedded platforms.

IP Rated Enclosures

We also supply an extensive range of IP rated enclosures suitable for outdoor use or in wet environments. No matter how challenging your application, we have an IP rated enclosure for the job.

Handheld Enclosures

Our wide range of handheld and pocket size enclosures have been designed to meet the requirements of both OEMs and hobbyists. Constructed from ABS plastic, our compact enclosures come in a variety of sizes.

How to choose the right enclosure

The main things you should consider before choosing a DIN rail enclosure are:

  • The type of enclosure – It is important to consider whether you are going to install your DIN rail inside the enclosure or mount the enclosure on the rail. The former is the most common type of enclosure configuration. We provide off-the-shelf DIN rail enclosures and customisable handheld cases.
  • The application environment – There are specific enclosure designs and materials to suit outdoor applications. Weatherproof IP rated enclosures offer protection in applications subjected to rain, submersion or corrosion, while polycarbonate enclosures can be matched to any DIN rail material.
  • The exact configuration – What type of DIN rails will you be using? How many modules do you need? What connectors will you be installing and how many? Does your enclosure need ventilation, display visibility or a certain IP rating? These are all useful questions to consider when specifying your enclosure.

Buy your DIN rail enclosure from Hitaltech today

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