When it comes to sourcing the most reliable and effective flat flexible cables for electrical installations, Hitaltech has you covered. Our Flexible Interconnect range offers the ultimate vibration resistant conductivity with fast and secure assemblies guaranteed. Read on to find out everything you ever needed to know about Flexible Interconnect cables from Hitaltech.

What is Flexible Interconnect?

Flexible Interconnect is our dedicated range of flat flexible cables and connectors are designed for applications that are regularly subjected to vibrations. Flexible Interconnect products are the cables of choice for connecting printed circuit boards (PCBs) and achieving highly flexible electrical connections. Here at Hitaltech, we offer a comprehensive range of jumper systems, including Fix Jumpers, ZIF Jumpers and high temperature jumpers for continuous operating temperatures above +150°C. We also supply SMD systems for connecting sandwiched printed circuit boards (PCBs), Power Jumpers for 12 Amp applications and Flex Systems for applications in the automotive, medical, telecommunications and aerospace industries.

What are Flexible Interconnect used for?

Typical applications for Flexible Interconnect cables include industrial control systems, energy metering, automotive electronics and white goods to name but a few. Our cables can be configured to your exact requirements in terms of the pitch, number of connections and insulation length.

How do Flexible Interconnect cables work?

Flexible Interconnect cables from Hitaltech offer a simple but extremely effective connection solution, comprising a flat and flexible plastic film base with multiple metallic conductors bonded to one surface. Our extensive selection of highly flexible cables can either be soldered at each end directly onto the PCB for a permanent connection or can be supplied with a connector on either end as a more flexible alternative.

What are the benefits of Flexible Interconnect cables?

Our flat and flexible range of Flexible Interconnect cables represent the next evolutionary step for ribbon cables. These miniature cables typically require less space than round cables and actually deliver improved EMI/RFI suppression, whilst also eliminating wire coupling issues. In fact, our Flexible Interconnect series of flexible flat cable can significantly improve your cable management.

What materials does our Flexible Interconnect range include?

Available from two to 32 poles, our flat and flexible cables come in a range of specialised insulation materials designed to withstand reflow soldering temperatures. Our insulation materials include polyimide, polyester, PEN and Nomex, which we pair with copper conductors for high-performance conductivity.

Buy Flexible Interconnect cables from Hitaltech

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