Board-to-board connectors interlink printed circuit boards (PCBs) without the need for a cable. The vast majority of industrial applications call for PCBs to be connected and disconnected for simple assemblies and flexible designs, rigid board-to-board connectors offer the ideal solution. Here, Hitaltech takes you through the ins and outs of rigid board-to-board connectors to provide the ultimate guide to these useful connectors.

What are the basic types of Board-to-board Connector?

Board-to-board connectors provide signal connections between two printed circuit boards (PCBs). Board-to-board connectors comprise a housing and a set number of terminals made from a conductive material, which transmits a current or signal between the interconnected PCBs connected. There are several types of boards of board connectors available on the market. These include the following:
  • Pin header or male header connectors
  • Elevated pin header or stacking connectors
  • Socket connectors or female header connectors
  • Elevated socket or stacking socket connectors
  • Shrouded header or box header connectors
Our Conex-It range of rigid board-to-board connectors are ideal wherever PCBs need to be stacked on top of each other or side by side. Available with either permanent or plug-in connections, our rigid range offers a variety of options. These include various combinations of length, pin pitches, surface mount, through hole, plating types, orientations and number of poles. We have a connector to suit every application.

How can I mount board-to-board connectors on a PCB?

Board-to-board connectors are made up of two linking parts, one with pins and the other with receptacles, that effectively slot together. These types of connectors employ either surface mount or through-hole mounting interfaces. As the name suggests, surface mount connectors mount directly on top of a printed circuit board, while through-hole varieties are mounted through drilled holes in the PCB.

What are connector pitches?

The pitch is the distance between the pins on a connector. It is measured from the centre of one pin to the centre of the next. Without a datasheet or part number it can be tricky to determine the pitch of a connector – especially in smaller models. As such, you can ascertain the pitch by measuring from the outside edge of the first pin to the inside edge of the last pin and then counting the number of pins in the row. Remember to also measure the distance between each row if there are multiple rows of pins. It is also worth bearing mind that the pitch of a connector won’t necessarily correlate with the pitch of a ribbon cable. The most effective way to determine a ribbon cable’s pitch is to measure from outside-edge to outside-edge of the cable and divide that figure by the number of conductors.

How many rows are available for board-to-board Connectors?

Here at Hitaltech, we pride ourselves on delivering the most flexible array of connector configurations possible. With that in mind, we offer board-to-board connectors ranging from one row to 40. One of the major advantages of our rigid board-to-board range is its breadth, with tens of thousands of permutations available. With Hitaltech connectors you can always be sure that there’s a product to meet your needs.

How are board-to-board connectors packaged?

Our complete range of board-to-board connectors can be packaged in a variety of different ways, according to your requirements. For instance, we can either provide them in a tray, tube or loose in a bag or box. Plus, we can also offer a variety of custom packaging options on request. Simply contact us for more information.

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